Revolutionizing the Beer Industry
One Tap at a Time


What if a beer tap could communicate with your patrons each time it was pulled? Think of the possibilities. Engage and entertain your customers like never before. With each tap pull a world of possibilities is released; gamification, marketing and messaging, loyalty and promotions are all possible. This is all due to the power of TAPPTEK™ technology. TAPPTEK™ puts the power of connectivity a yard away from your consumer.

- Gamification
- Marketing & Promotion
- Engagement & Loyalty


Every TAPPTEK™ pull distributes customized content via patented technology delivered to your patron by smartphone or TV screen. Beer has been served the same way since Prohibition but with TAPPTEK™ we include shot of technology with every pour. There are endless activities designed to attract new customers, retain current customers and keep them in your bar for longer periods of time.

- Games
- Trivia
- Cause Marketing
- Specials and Promotions
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The Internet of Things "IoT" has changed the way we look at the world and is the largest industry in history. TAPPTEK™ harnesses the IoT and will change the beer industry forever.